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A DetailsView Control for ASP.NET 1.x
Experience ASP.NET 2.0-Like Ease of Development When Building Master/Details Views with ASP.NET 1.x
Employ Strong Encryption in Your Apps with Our CryptoUtility Component
Х A handy cyptographic utility
Х Background on cryptographic algorithms
Х Protecting your keys
Х Potential pitfalls

Speed Up Your Site with the Improved View State in ASP.NET 2.0
The next release of ASP.NET promises many improvements for Web developers, not the least of which is a better chance of sleeping at night without nightmares of base64-encoded data flowing across their Web farms. With a more compact serialization format, a partitioning between behavioral and UI state, and smart interaction with data-bound controls and declarative data sources, those view-state nightmares just might become sweet dreams.
The ASP.NET 2.0 Wizard Control
For the fan of pre-built controls, ASP.NET 2.0 provides a number of rich controls that form the foundation for feature-rich Web applications. Components like the TreeView and Wizard are actually comprehensive services that the ASP.NET runtime makes available to Web pages.
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